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    Introducing Optamor on-demand

    Optamor on demand is a scalable solution that meets a variety of business requirements. We deliver bespoke solutions for talent and resourcing projects, offering insights, analytics and agile resourcing solutions to help with any short or medium-term recruitment challenges without you having to increase the size of your Internal Resourcing Team.
    A tried and tested model that is instantly scalable, this fast and efficient model works as an extension to your internal hiring function in order to deliver your short term hiring needs, allowing your business to continue running seamlessly. With no minimum volumes, we can offer true flexibility to organisations of all sizes including small and medium enterprises, with our project expertise ranging from -10 to 50+ hires.

    Catalogue of Services

    Project recruitment
    Our Talent Acquisition specialists work collaboratively with existing HR/Talent Acquisition teams, or as an extension to your brand and team providing dedicated recruitment support on and off-site. Scalable sourcing aligned to your demand and resource peak for permanent talent and contingent workers and contractors.

    Internal mobility
    Using our autonomous talent software, we map the skills of your current workforce to help you identify who can step up - comparing this to fresh talent. We help you save 1/3 of total recruiting costs whilst improving the speed and quality of hire.

    Client specific talent pools / virtual bench
    Optamor’s Virtual Bench is an on-demand resource solution that is aligned to your bids, tenders and project forecast demands enabling you to profile exactly the type of resources you expect to require and call them off when and if demand is confirmed. It ensures you keep live pipelines and talent pools of individuals against future demand rather than constantly working on a reactive basis, providing you with a competitive advantage.

    Talent Attraction Marketing / Recruitment open days / EVP
    Working in partnership with you, we understand who you need to hire and where this talent is located - with diversity in mind.  We use your culture, mission and values to engage and convert diverse talent. Our talent marketing services include defining and communicating your Employee Value Proposition (EVP), talent insights reporting and recruitment events and open days.

    Read our rise of dedicated D&I roles report.

    CV sifting
    Our autonomous recruitment technology can be integrated with internal teams within a week and searches your existing staff, internal database, job boards and LinkedIn to find the best match for any new role. It has no source or unconscious bias, taking mere minutes to sift through applications and search databases. Better still, it helps you communicate with successful and unsuccessful talent, quickly to help protect your employer brand.

    Success Stories

    Optamor has been providing bespoke project resourcing solutions to clients for a number of years. Global and UK clients across a vast spectrum of industries and requirements have benefited to date from our flexible solutions. A snapshot of some of success stories:

    Why use Optamor on demand?

    • Prefer to outsource only a part of the recruitment process, such as sourcing and screening
    • Short term projects, high volume campaigns and or specialist campaigns
    • Access to value-added services including employer branding and market mapping
    • Supplement existing recruitment team to extend hiring reach - seamless integration into existing recruiting and HR teams
    • Have an immediate requirement or a sudden spike in hiring needs
    • Enhanced scalability
    • Have shorter-term, defined needs, such as project support
    • Need a more flexible talent acquisition solution for other reasons
    • Short term challenges – recruitment spikes, headcount freezes, a change in capacity, a need to up or downscale the Talent Acquisition team

    Service Features

    Dedicated Account Manager - An Account Manager and single point of contact providing support throughout the project and overall operational delivery fully supported by our scalable and flexible resource delivery team.

    Scaled Sourcing - If candidates are proving hard to find or you simply do not have the resources to meet demand, our service provides qualified, engaged and available talent on demand. We source, screen and identify potential candidates via our expert teams, using best in class sourcing technologies and experienced
    consultants who can scale at short notice or as and when required.

    Deep Industry Knowledge and Extensive Experience - We provide qualified, proven Talent Acquisitions specialists at short notice to add capacity to teams on a project basis, either locally to your business or virtually. As an extension of your team, they are able to hit the ground running.

    Technology - We are an innovative leader in the recruitment market and blend technology with our people-led expertise. As a business we recognise that technology is developing and intuitive methods are creating major efficiencies across all sectors; we actively embrace the use of technology throughout our operations from AI to market mapping and talent analytics amongst others.

    Cost Efficiencies - From fixed price agreements, outcome based pricing or retainers, we build a transparent and simplistic commercial model that supports both our partnership approach and delivers predictable cost savings to our customers, moving away from traditional percentage hire recruitment services.

    Our Reach - Our customers are able to benefit from our investment and reach including our internal database of 300K+ active and passive qualified candidates, our innovative technology stack, our tertiary supply chain and our strategic partnerships with vendors including LinkedIn Recruiter, Horsefly, Pocket Recruiter, Feefo and Resourcing Insights amongst others.